Legal Vocabulary: Website Contracts

Level: Advanced
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114 legal terms: abet, agent, alleged, allegation, amend, arbitration, AS-IS, assets, assign, authorized, authority, award, bind, bound, capacity, cause of action, claim, compensation, compliance, confer upon, consent, construe, contractual, damage, damages, data, defamation, defend, delegate, detention, directly, disclaim, disclose, dispute, eligible, endorse, entire, errors & omissions, evidence, exclusive, expeditiously, export, expressly, extracontractual, fair use, final, fitness for a particular purpose, force majeure, free speech, good faith, grant, guardian, hold harmless, immunity, _ in nature, in someone's sole discretion, including but not limited to, indemnify, indirectly, informational use, infringe, intangible, intellectual property, intention, jurisdiction, laws, legal process, liability, libel, license, limited, loss, losses, materials, merchantability, minor, negotiable, nonexclusive, opt in/out, original, party, perjury, policies, prevailing, privacy, proprietary, prosecute, protection/protected, pursuant to, re-export, regulations, release/released, relief, represent, a representative list, revocable, retain, right, security, service mark, severability, shall, slander, statutes, statute of limitations, survivability, tangible, third party, to the best of your knowledge and belief, trademark, unsolicited, waiver, warrant (noun), and warrant (verb)