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  • Baseball: baseball diamond, baseball field, home base, home plate, first base, second base, third base, infield, outfield, umpire, catcher, batter, bat, ball, baseball, glove, mitt
  • Basketball: backboard, net, rim, offensive players ("the offense"), defensive players ("the defense"), basketball
  • Football: "American football" outside the US, helmet, shoulder pads, ball (egg-shaped), knee & shin pads
  • Soccer: "football" outside the US, no helmet, striped jersey, striped shirt, short pants / shorts, ball (round)
  • Other Ball Games: bowling (bowling ball, bowling pins, how to hold a bowling ball), golf (cleats, golf club, swing), volleyball, tennis, racquetball
  • Card and Board Games: playing cards (clubs, spades, diamonds, hearts, 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace), poker, chess (pawn, rook, knight, bishop, queen, king)
  • Other Indoor Games: pool, billiards, dominoes, table tennis, ping pong, dice, darts
  • Dance: ballet (ballerina), salsa dancing, barn dancing, line dancing, break dancing, street dancing
  • Gymnasium: aerobics, weight lifting, body building, gymnastics, karate, martial arts
  • Indoor Hobbies: television (TV, remote ontrol, screen, antenna), movies, films, theater, theatre, aquarium, bookshelf, newspaper, reading, reading group, book group, knitting, yarn, needles
  • Music: classical music, choral music, choir, chorus, rock 'n' roll, marching band, folk music
  • Outdoors: Camping & Hiking: backpack, hiker, backpacker, sleeping bag, trailer, RV (recreational vehicle), camping, tent, camp fire, picnic table, BBQ (barbeque)
  • Outdoors: Motion/Vehicle Sports: bicycling, horseback riding, wind surfing, hang gliding, dirt bike racing, motorcycle cruising, running, sky diving, hot air balloon riding
  • Outdoors: Other Activities: rock climbing, mountain climbing, juggling, sun bathing, archery (recurve bow, compound bow), shooting (rifle, gun), fishing (pole)
  • Water Sports (Warm Weather): motor boat (speedboat, runabout), kayak, canoe, water skiing, sailboat, swimming, SCUBA diving
  • Water Sports (Cold Weather): ice hockey (shoulder pads, hockey stick, knee/shin pads, ice skates, hockey puck), ice skating (cap, scarf, warm clothes, ice skates), sledding (sled)