Animals of North America

Level: Beginner
a family of polar bears


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  • Bears: grizzly bear, kodiak brown bear, polar bear
  • Cats: bobcat, cougar, mountain lion, panther, puma, house cat
  • Dogs: beagle (domesticated dog), fox, coyote, wolf
  • Ruminants: buffalo, bison, cow, steer, doe, fawn, deer, buck, horse, donkey, rabbit, hare, elk, moose, reindeer, caribou, mountain goat, musk ox, sow, piglet, pig
  • Sea Mammals: dolphin, seal, sea lion, humpback whale, walrus, orca, killer whale, narwhal whale, sea otter, manatee
  • Birds of Prey: bald eagle, peregrine falcon, owl
  • Water Birds: crane, flamingo, duck, Canadian goose, stork, seagull
  • Foraging Birds: blue jay, crow, dove, hummingbird, mockingbird, peacock, pigeon, robin, sparrow, turkey, rooster, chicken
  • Rodents: armadillo, badger, bat, beaver, ground hog, chipmunk, ferret, squirrel, meerkat, mouse, marmot, opossom/possom, otter, porcupine, prairie dog, raccoon, rat
  • Fish: anchovy, sardine, mackarel, goldfish, bass, salmon, barracuda, cod, flounder, halibut, pike, grouper
  • Small Sea Animals: clam, coral, hermit crab, scallop, mussell, shrimp, jellyfish, eel, starfish, octopus, seahorse
  • Reptiles: rattle snake, copperhead snake, garter snake, turtle, alligator, spotted salamander, frog
  • Flying Insects: cocoon, caterpillar, butterfly, dragonfly, cockroach, mosquito, ladybug, honey bee, wasp, termite
  • Spiders: tarantula, black widow, spiderweb
  • Other Insects: grasshopper, cricket, ant, centipede, millipede, water strider, preying mantis