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Level: Beginner
work words cover image: a stack of bricks


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  • Agriculture (Farming): barn, silo, combine, harvester, buggy, cart, grain elevator, tractor, and pickup truck
  • Agriculture (Farming & Gardening): riding lawnmower, riding mower, push mower, chainsaw, clippers, trowel, shears, fence, string trimmer, wheelbarrow, rake, shovel, and spade
  • Construction: crane, bulldozer, cement truck, cement mixer, bag of cement, hard hat, fork lift, level, barricade, I-beam, bricks, concrete block, and cinder block
  • Tools: ratchet, screwdriver, wrench, chisels, goggles, stopwatch, hammer, ball-peen hammer, mallet, sledgehammer, stepladder, ladder, C-clamp, hacksaw, ax, axe, hatchet, pickax, pickaxe, binoculars, carabiner, bull horn, megaphone, cordless drill, drill press, compass, pliers, jumpsuit, paint brush, paint roller, barcode, time clock, punch clock, chemical flasks, mortar and pestle, beaker, and Petri dish
  • Office & Factory: office building (high-rise), office building (skyscraper), government building, administration building, receptionist, mail carrier, postal carrier, mail man, mail woman, factory, presentation, and working late
  • Office Equipment & Supplies: telephone, phone, water cooler, briefcase, attache, calculator, paperclip, ballpoint pen, ink pen, printer, fax machine, safe, cash register, office chair, swivel chair, binder clip, desk, desk lamp, eraser, magnifying glass, magic marker, marker, pencil, rubber stamp, shredder, stapler, tape dispenser, scissors, wall calendar, and fuse box
  • Professions: carpenter, cashier, chemist, cowboy, delivery person, delivery man, delivery woman, miner, medical doctor, doctor, farmer, nurse, painter, pharmacist, druggist, police officer, police man, police woman, welder, window cleaner, and window washer
  • Firefighting: firefighter's ax, firefighter's axe, firefighter's helmet, fire engine, fire truck, fire hydrant, fire extinguisher, gas can, water can, and fire alarm