Level: Beginner
clothing cover image: a small bird wearing a winter scarf and cap


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  • tops: shirt, t-shirt, collar, buttons, pocket, jacket, coat, Mandarin jacket, Chinese jacket, Nehru jacket, parka, poncho, and cloak
  • bottoms: pants, trousers, bell bottoms, shorts, zipper, skirt, kilt, tutu, and belt
  • top and bottom: dress, bikini, robe, trenchcoat, and fur coat
  • hats: Indiana Jones hat, fedora, baseball cap, Panama hat, top hat, winter cap, crown, and party hat
  • shoes: boot, leather shoes, tennis shoes, sneakers, flats, high-heeled shoe, slippers, flip flops, sandals, and sock
  • accessories, etc.: purse, handbag, backpack, wallet, glove, golf glove, driving glove, mitten, scarf, umbrella, sunglasses, glasses, bow tie, and tie