Phrasal Verbs

Level: Intermediate
phrasal verbs cover image: three wooden balls


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Phrasal Verbs with No Object

break down, fall apart, break in, catch on, come/go back, come in, come around, come to/around, wake up, come over, come/drop/stop by, cut/break in, eat out, fall down, get away / getaway, get by/along, do alright, get/stand up, get/wake up, give in/up, give/wear out/down, go on/head, go/get out, go/move/continue on/along, keep [on] _ing, grow apart, hang/hold on, keel over, be/get sick, keep/stay away/back, pass out, keel over, show off, stop it, cut it out, turn around, and work out

Phrasal Verbs with Object Inside or After

bring on, bring up, call off, cheer on, root for, cheer up, cut off (2 meanings), do over, drop off, figure out, fill out, fill up, give away, give back, give/hand out, go/look/read over, hand/turn in, hang out, hang up, hold back, hold up, hold/put off, leave out, look over, look up, make up, think of/up, pick out, pick up (2), pick/put up, point out, put away, put on, put out (2), set up, get ready, shut up, be quiet, quiet down, slow down, go slower, speak up, speed up, go faster, take down, take out of, take/write down, take/tear/throw off, talk about/among/amongst/over, throw away, try on/out, turn down/up, turn down/away, turn off, turn on, turn/switch/power off, turn/switch/power on, use up, and work out

Phrasal Verbs with Object After

act on, ask for, back away from, bring up, call on (2), look in on, catch up with, talk with, check [up] on, make sure of, come forward,come up with, come/go up/down to, come/run/happen across/upon, cut down on, drop out of, give up on, walk out on, fill in, fill out, get along with, get around, get away with, get back at, get/take revenge on, get back to, get over (2), recover from, let go of, get rid of, throw away, [get] through with, done with, go out with, take out, go through, run out of, hang/hold onto, hold up, keep up/pace with, look after, care for, take care of, take responsibility for, wait on, look down [up]on, frown [up]on, talk down to, look forward to, look into, look up to, look/watch out for (2), wait for, make out (2), make out with, make up, pay for, put up with, run into, take after, look like, take off, talk back to, give lip to, argue with, and think/look back on/to

Phrasal Verbs with Object Inside

fill in and mess about/around