Collocated Phrases

Level: Intermediate
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Adjective-adjective phrases

big and tall, hot fresh, rich and creamy, safe and sound, sweet and sour, warm and cozy, and wise and prudent

Adjective-adverb phrases

absolute/extremely/totally marvelous/wonderful, bitterly disappointed, deeply disturbed, quite/very convinced, painfully obvious, utterly confused, and very good/bad

Adjective-noun phrases

absolute/complete/extreme/total/utter agony/despair/misery/ecstasy/heaven/hell, back/rear/side door/road/street, front door, bad habit/mood/temper, and good/bad/happy/sad person/boy/girl

Adjective-preposition phrases

annoyed/angry/mad at, aware/capable/envious of, blessed by, bored/busy with, concerned/worried about, happy/sad for, involved in, loudly to/at, and tired/hungry/thirsty from

Adverb-adverb phrases

almost always/never, any/no more/longer, happily ever after, no better/more/later, once again, quite a bit, right now, and rightly so

Adverb-verb phrases

always/never knew, badly damaged/hurt/insulted/offended, and absolutely/completely/emphatically/happily/rightly/strongly/totally agree/disagree/like/dislike/condemn/accept/deny/object/support

Noun-noun phrases

_ of _, job titles, shops/stores, official documents, and departments

Noun-preposition phrases

book/movie/play about, garden's at, people at, admiration/hatred for, house/cabin in, water into, habit of, house on, and approach/dedication/invitation/references/response to

Noun-verb phrases

come/go: come home, come back, come to a(n) agreement/conclusion/..., come to breakfast/lunch/dinner, go for a drive/walk/swim/run, go on a trip, and go to work

make/do: make a decision, make an effort, make a mistake, make/do a drawing/painting/sketch, do a good job, and do nothing/something

get/give/take: get/give a hand, get some sleep, get wet, give something (to someone), give something up/away, take a bath/shower/break/nap/seat, take a picture/photo, and take (your/some) time

have/keep: have a/no choice, have a lot of (home)work, have an idea, keep an account/diary/record/appointment/schedule, keep off the grass, and keep something safe

say/tell: say hello/goodbye/sorry, say something (to someone) (about), having said that, tell her/him/me/us/them, tell a joke/lie/story, and tell the truth

Verb-preposition phrases

ask about, stare at, account/ask/blame/care for, run from, sit in, what do you make of, agree/concentrate/elaborate on, add/complain/explain/introduce to, and walk with/alongside

Verb-verb phrases

be (participle), can/can't/may _, and come/learned to expect