Level: Beginner
energy cover image: lightning over the water


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  • Electricity: deep-cycle car/marine battery, electrical plug, dry battery, electrical towers, power button, on/off button, CFL (compact fluorescent light bulb / lamp), incandescent light bulb / lamp, power strip, surge protector, and lightning
  • Coal mining: hard hat, mining helmet, glove, pick ax[e], miner, coal, mine cart, mine trolley, and head lamp
  • Geothermal: steam, turbine, water, generator, load, heat from the Earth, production well, injection well, and rock layers
  • Nuclear: atom, power plant, radioactive sign (radiation warning/danger sign)
  • Gas/oil/petroleum & natural gas: drill, well, barrels, refinery, oil rig in the ocean, gas pump/nozzle, explosion, gas can, jerry can, natural gas, methane, LPG, LNG, and propane
  • Solar: the Sun, Sol (in Latin), sunshine, solar radiation, and solar panels
  • Water: spigot, turbine, river, flowing water, generator, hydroelectric power plant, heater, hot water, and radiator
  • Wind: wind turbine, wind mill, blade, sailboat, yacht, mast, spinnaker sail, main sail, and jib sail