200 Foods: Pictures & Pronunciations

Level: Beginner
a pie with three sparklers as candles


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apples, apricots, artichoke, avocado, bacon, bagel with cream cheese, baguette / French bread, baked beans, baked potato, bananas, beef, (beef) steak, beer, beets, birthday cake, black beans, blackberries, black-eyed peas, black olive, blueberries, bread (slice), breakfast cereal, broccoli, brownie, brussel sprouts, button/white mushrooms, candy apples, candy cane (for Christmas), cannoli, cantaloupe (melon), carrots, cauliflower, caviar, cayenne (hot) peppers, celery, chard, cheese, cherries, cherry pie, chili (beans and chili peppers), chocolate, clams, coffee, collard greens, cookies, corndog, corn (on the cob), crackers, cranberries, cranberry beans, crawfish/crayfish, cremini, crisphead/iceberg lettuce, croissant (French bread), cucumbers, cupcakes, dark red / purple grapes, donut, egg, eggplant, egg rolls, fajitas, figs, fish, French fries, fried egg, fried fish / fish fry, frozen yogurt, fruit salad, Fuji apple, Gala apple, garbanzo beans / chickpeas, garlic, ginger, Granny Smith apple, grapefruit, green beans, green bell/sweet pepper, green cabbage, green grapes, green tomatoes, guava, habañero (hot) peppers, ham and egg biscuit/muffin, hamburger / cheeseburger, hard-boiled egg, honeydew (melon), horseradish, hotdog, hot tea, ice cream cone, ice cream sandwich, ice cream sundae, iced tea, ice water, jalapeño (hot) peppers, Jonathan/Jongold apple, jujubes / chewy candy, ketchup, kiwi, kumquat, leeks, lemons, lima beans, lime, lollipop, loose-leaf lettuce, mango, mashed potatoes, meatloaf, milk, morel mushrooms, muffin, mushrooms nectarine, navy beans, northern beans, oatmeal, okra / ladies fingers, omelet/omelette, onion rings, onions, orange juice, oranges, oyster mushrooms, pancakes, papaya, passionfruit, pasta, pawpaw, peach, peanut butter & jelly (PBJ), peanuts, pears, peas, pepperoni pizza, pickle, pineapple, plums, popcorn, porcini mushrooms, pork chops, portabello mushrooms, potato chips, pretzel, prune, pumpkin pie, quiche, radishes, raspberries, red bell/sweet pepper, red cabbage, red grapes, red/kidney beans, red lobster, red/new potatoes, red tomato, rhubarb, rice, (russet / Idaho) potatoes, rutabaga, salad, sandwich, sausage, sausage links, sausage pizza (slice), sherbet/sorbet, shrimp, shrimp cocktail, soda/cola/pop, spaghetti, spinach, squash (several kinds), starfruit, strawberries, string beans, sub(way) sandwich, sushi, sweet potatoes / yams, Swiss cheese, table salt (in a shaker), taco, taffy, tamale, tamarillos, tangerine, taro root, toast (toasted bread), tomatillos, tortillas, tuna fish, turkey, vinegar, vitamins, waffles, watermelon, wedding cake, wine, wontons, yellow bell/sweet pepper, and yellow squash