90 Body Part Names

Level: Beginner
a cropped image of the Mona Lisa's hands


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abdomen, ankle, armpit, back, backside, ball of the foot, bangs, beard, blond hair, blue eyes, breast, brow, brown hair, butt[ocks], calf, cheek, chest, chin, ear, elbow, eyebrow, eyelashes, eyelid, eyes, face, face, feet, fingerprint, fingers, fist, foot, footprint, forearm, forefinger, forehead, genitalia, genitals, green eyes, groin, hair part, hand, hand, head, [head] hair, heel, hip, index finger, inner thigh, iris, knee, knee cap, knuckles, left eye, legs, lips, little/pinky finger, long hair, lower back, middle finger, mouth, mustache, neck, nose, nostrils, outer thigh, palm, pointer finger, private parts, pupil, right eye, ring finger, shin, short hair, shoulder, sideburns, skin, sole, spine, stomach, teeth, thigh, throat, thumb, toes, tongue, tooth, top of the foot, torso, underarm, upper arm, upper back, waist, white of the eye, wrist